Which Carder Cloth?

The Classic Drum Carder is available in 48, 72 and 120 point cloth.

Card cloth is measured by the amount of teeth per inch (tpi). The more teeth per inch, the finer the carding will be. The number of wires per inch is also referred to as ‘points per square inch’ (or ppsi).

A coarse fleece or fibre is possible but harder to prepare on a fine cloth and fine fibres would have better results prepared on a cloth with more pins.

Most fibrecraft artists will be working with many different fibres, not knowing from one day to the next what they will be carding. Spinners and felters, especially in the beginning, will want to try working with various fibres ranging from coarse to very fine requiring different drum grades to achieve the best results.

Cloth Grade

72 point cloth will meet the majority of carding needs as it is possible to card most fibres with, coarser fibres will require a little teasing before putting through the drum carder to open them up and finer fibres will have better results when put through a 72 point carder more than once.

48 point cloth cards coarse fibres the easiest as there are fewer pins. A medium fibre can also be carded on a 48 point, a better result achieved when carded more than once.

Fine fibres have the best results on a 120 point cloth. Most fine fibres will need a Finishing Brush to push them into the drum pins as they tend to sit on top, not allowing a full batt to be produced and filling the licker-in (small drum) with fibre.

Blending Pre-Carded Fibres

For blending pre-carded fibres (tops) 72 or 120 point is suitable. To keep colour and/or fibre separation, card only once and for partial and full blending, put through the carder several times until the required results are achieved.

Blending Multiple Fibres

To blend different fibres types together which have not been carded, adapt your carding techniques to cater for the differences in the fibres on the cloth you are using – tease coarse fibres on a fine cloth or pre-card fine fibres before blending them with the coarser fibre on a drum with 72 or 48 pin cloth.

Choosing the tpi of your drum may sound scientific but it’s all down to personal choice and carding techniques. All card cloth can be used for any type of fibre with a change in carding techniques. If you are new to carding always choose a 72 as this is the best to learn carding techniques on with various fibre types. When you have mastered the basics of carding you will know why you want a 48 or 120 tpi drum.

Cloth Colour

The cloth comes in a choice of two colours – pale blue or red. The pale blue cloth is easier on the eye when blending colours.

Standard And Long Pin Cloth

The Classic Drum Carder range is also available with standard or long pin card cloth. They both card the same way – the only difference is the weight of batt that is possible.

Classic Carder – standard pin – up to 70g
Classic Carder – long pin – up to 100g
Jumbo Classic Carder – over 100g

If you are still unsure, call us on 01746 714130 and we will help you decide which is the best card cloth for you.